Nathan DiStefano Original Paintings Capture Brief Periods in Time

Nathan DiStefano's paintings capture the landscape as it changes over the course of a brief time period, from a fraction of a second to a few seconds. DiStefano’s style of work has been referred to as contemporary expressionism.

These high-energy paintings recreate the landscape through minimal brushstrokes. DiStefano’s work makes use of positive and negative space, creating an optical illusion-like effect, in which the viewer’s mind can fill in the gaps to create a moving scene.

The illusion of motion that is created in the paintings allows the viewer to be aware of how much of a moving scene usually goes unnoticed. Viewers fill in the gaps as they do so, they enter into these changing landscapes. The paintings create a paradoxical effect; at the same time that viewers are drawn into the changing landscape, they also see the image from the point of view of a detached observer who moves through the landscape without noticing most of their surroundings. The visual techniques that DiStefano uses emphasize the tension between the viewer’s ability to act as either detached observer or active participant.






2016 Group Exhibition in Philadelphia

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January 2017     

My paintings are hanging in the Cheryl Hazan Gallery in New York City

35 N. Moore Street New York, NY


April 2016  

Live Performance painting at the Pearl S. Buck house, Perkasie, PA


April 7th - 11th 2016   

Art Unleashed at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


April 11th - May 10th 2015      

Solo Show at E-Moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia, PA


April 8th  2015    

Art Unleashed at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia


November 4th- 22nd, 2014  

Nathan DiStefano and Joseph Barrett Show, Doylestown Frame Factory,Doylestown, PA


June 14th 2014      

International Group Exhibition at E-Moderne Gallerie in Philadelphia


Feb 1st 2014          

Private showing of new paintings on the Main Line, PA



August 6th 2014   The Intelligencer

"Sound influences a painter with roots from Doylestown"

By Gwen Swift  


2 Artists Featured in College Fundraiser


Nathan DiStefano:  Real Life Abstractions.  Featured artist in June's issue of Radius Magazine.


How and where local artists discover the muses to feed their need to create. September's issue of Suburban Life Magazine.


‘Everything Vibrates’ pop-up show features works by Nathan DiStefano




                                                                                FIRST FRIDAYS: EVERYTHING VIBRATES

Pop-Up Show Featuring Local Artist

Tess Galen

“Everything Vibrates” is a pop-up gallery show featuring artwork by Nathan DiStefano. The exhibit will take place on April 5th, 2013 at the First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 5pm to 8pm.


DiStefano is heavily influenced by the things we cannot see, capturing moments in time in his paintings. Bold brush strokes of color help us feel the energy in a space, like the gush of wind as a person walks past, or the feeling of rain on a crowded city street. Empty spaces in the paintings create a place for the viewer to stand and interpret the feelings for themselves. DiStefano’s paintings are quite large, 6 feet or taller, which adds to the feelings of being inside the environment.

A feeling of vibratory energy informs each of DiStefano's works. Seemingly static objects such as buildings or lampposts are in motion, as alive as the busy people rushing by. The world is seen as inherently vital, a view which is both DiStefano's aesthetic vision as well as supported by cutting-edge physics.

Most of DiStefano's works focus on cityscapes of New York and Philadelphia, but over time he has branched out to painting figures and landscapes.  Blending representational and abstract styles, the paintings are meant not only to be viewed, but felt on a deep emotional level.

DiStefano received an MFA in paintings from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has been featured in magazines and exhibited in galleries in Bucks County, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City. He has paintings that hang in the Doylestown Hospital, the Children’s Museum in New Hope, Philadelphia Management, and in public and private collections nationally and internationally.


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